Sunday, October 14, 2012

Well here it is.... my new redesigned blog. Hopefully, I will do better with this one than the last, which was last posted to in April of 2009!

The big news of late, something I have not revealed to anyone until now, is that I have re-joined the Fire Divas, a group of Lampwork Artists I co-founded with the help of Melissa Vess who has moved on from the group as well and infact has begun a new adventure in baking! Im looking forward to working with the Divas again and reviving the spirit of the team!

 I have been invited to do a show in conjunction with a cause near and dear to me, a dog apoption event put on by A Second Chance Rescue the very rescue that saved my girl BB from death row at the ripe old age of 8 weeks! Here she was when they saved her.

I have alot to do to get ready for the show, I have only ever done one and it was a dud but this is for a good cause so Im pretty excited about it!

I am also revamping my own business. Along with the blog, I designed and ordered new buisness cards last night and I cant wait to see them! The weather is beginning to cool down here in sunny south Florida, it wont be long now and I will be able to light my torch again and melt glass like the pyromaniac that I am!!

Thats it for now, I guess I better find some people who actually want to follow my blog so that Im not just here writing to myself!


  1. Ohhhh goody! I figured out the follow button finally!
    Now Ill need to figure out where my list of blogs I follow went to, pretty sure Im following you but Ill go check!

  2. I'll definitely follow you, we have our blog too about our RV adventure to be. If you care to follow us the addy is though I am under my alias Zophie there... :D Not much glass there though, for now at least.

  3. Thank you Pia! I am following both of your blogs so I can virtually travel with you! :-)

  4. guess I will follow yer ...well you know. =)

  5. Im honored and touched Sam that you would follow my err.... well you know! ;-)